Business Intelligence Solutions : délivrez des rapports comme jamais auparavant

Tableaux de bord stratégique de développement durable : traduisez votre stratégie en action

Rédaction des Plan d'affaires et étude de faisabilité

Coaching et Formation en ligne & sur site

Conseils aux entreprises : diagnostic approfondi

Business Intelligence Solutions

We are consultants and resellers of Business Intelligence solutions of the brand “iDashboards”, a pioneer of data visualization. Our software is easy to use for creating operational and strategic dashboards for any organization, industry and administration.

Implementation of Strategic Dashboards

If you have difficulty implementing your strategy, we are likely to help you set up cockpits management and dashboards that synthetically integrate measures of economic, social and environmental performance.

Fast and careful writing of Business Plans and Feasibility Studies

According to the bankers, the absence of a convincing business plan is one of the main reasons for refusing bank credit. Too often, business plans are vague and do not allow readers to apprehend the company’s image or business plan. We can help you.

Coaching and training online or in business

Among the first causes of failure of young SMEs and non-profit organizations are the lack of competent human resources. When employees are not sufficiently trained, there is danger because the customers are impacted and the company may close down.



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