Quick Sustainability Balanced Scorecard (QSBSC)



“However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally at the results.”

-Winston Churchill

Why you need a QSBSC?

Because if 100% of companies have a strategy, only 10% achieve its executiont.

  • 90% of the organizations fail to implement their strategy and go bankrupt after the first 5 years.
  • 95% of the workforce does not understand the strategy of the organization,
  • 86% of executives spend less than one our a month discussing the strategy,
  • 70% of organizations do not link incentives the strategy,
  • 60% of organizations do not link the strategy to the budget

What are the features of the QSBSC?

Our Quick Sustainability Balanced scorecard is a business software solution

  • Easy and comprehensive system for managing the strategy and the performance of the organization from one place
  • A powerful tool for mobilizing people and driving change
  • Intuitive interface, and customizable depth analysis
  • Mobiles devices : Manage and control performance anywhere, anytime and real-time.

Save money, save your time and succeed!

The adoption of the Balanced Scorecard for Sustainable Development has many advantages:

  • Better communication and mobilization of actors through the integration of the three dimensions of economic, social and environmental sustainability)
  • Reducing risks and costs through better management of organizational performance
  • The causal relationships between measures and the five perspectives (learning and development, environment, internal processes, clients and finance).

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