By: Jean Binyet

In this blog and forum, we want to freely empower you to improve your strategic thinking and develop your business strategies that are easy to execute for your success.

There is no uniform definition of the term strategy, but generally it describes in a coherent way how the goal-stated in the vision-is supposed to be achieved.


Strategy is more complex than it appears at first sight

The concept of strategy originated with military campaigns, but today it is used widely in socio-economic approaches. Through my daily work as a business consultant and trainer, I’ve met a lot of inspiring business owners and executives who affirm to have a good strategy for their business but only 10% of them achieve its successful implementation. Why that?


Because having a good strategy is not enough to win, the ability to implement the strategy depends also of how well it is understood by all the people involved in the decision making process.



Before I go any further, tell me when you use the term strategy and what it means in terms of actions for you.